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Q: How do I know 100Special is a legitimate source?

A: We send you the products directly from Microsoft. These are genuine, 100% brand new licenses. That’s our guarantee to our customers.


Q: Do I get a warranty on my purchase?

A: Yes, all defective products will be replaced, we are here to make sure we have your satisfaction.


Q: Will I receive a hard copy of the software?

A: Products are downloadable only. On some products, you will be able to create a USB or DVD of the product which you can save for future use.


Q: Why do you only digital download? Is it legal?

A: Digital download are a more convenient and faster way to install software.  and save freight cost. It is legal, Microsoft also provide digital download.


Q: How do I reach 100Special? What kind of support will I receive?

A: At 100Special, we believe in having as many returning customers as possible. We want your repeat business. We aim to provide excellent customer service to all our customers. Customers are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concern they have. You can email us at support@100special.com or call us at Tel: HK(852) 2295 9872.


Q: How are the products delivered? What is the time frame?

A: Products are digitally delivered to the email you provide at the time of checkout. Most of the time, the product email is sent immediately after order. It is possible the emails are delivered to Spam folders, we ask that you check this folder as well. If you did not receive the product email, please email or call us and we will resend the emails to you right away.